June 20, 2018

Our Service Capabilities

Close Protection Operatives

With years of experience in hostile environments, First Human Capital ensures the professionalism of their protection operatives regarding auditing environmental, political and imminent threats. Our teams strategically plan and rehearse for every possible detail and plans precautionary contingencies to handle multiple situations to ensure the safe keeping of our clients.

Oil and Gas Security

First Human Capital has noticed the global need for professional security solutions with regards to Oil and Gas. We offer services that minimize risks when it comes to:

  • Internal and External theft
  • Trespassing or Interference by Anti- Fracking organisations
  • Terrorism
  • Sabotage / Vandalism
  • Violent work place issues and concerns
  • Health and Safety

Corporate Close Protection

At First Human Capital we believe in a discreet form of protection that understands that everyday situations, in “safe environments”, are not always risk free. We offer the following services to ensure that our clients’ priorities and wellbeing is never compromised.

  • Protective and Anti- Hijack Driving
  • Personal Protection
  • Event and Travel Management
  • Asset and Residential Protection

Asset Protection

We cater for all aspects of asset protection ranging from high value/high risk movable to fixed assets. Our teams are fully equipped to deal with cross border protection whether by land, air or sea in hostile and remote environments.

Surveillance Operations

We offer high end covert surveillance and counter surveillance. Our priorities are to keep the sterility of our client and operation while gathering data with regards to potential external or internal threats. Our surveillance operatives work hand in hand with our protection team to achieve the highest level of results and protection.

Maritime Security

First Human Capital specialises in an expansive range of security options to satisfy the commercial and private maritime industry. Our services include and are not limited to:

  • Armed/ Unarmed security
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Stowaways prevention
  • Drug smuggling prevention

Air Security

First Human Capital is capable of implementing land and air security operatives which services include and are not limited to:

  • Property protection
  • Maintaining sterility of the premises
  • VIP protection
  • Maintaining the security integrity of all valuables, cargo and assets whilst in transit
  • Baggage control

Security Operations

First Human Capital understands the ever changing nature of the industry and strives to tailor make security packages that will fit clients’ needs specifically.

Female Security

Our specialists also include highly qualified women from the fields of military, special forces, police and cybercriminology from Switzerland and Germany. Our female security specialists represent an important extension of our service package for DAX companies & diplomatic services.


Dr. Dr. Celeste Fabrie
Owner / Managing Director
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Beat Eberle
(MLaw/Attorney at Law/ret. General)
Senior Partner / CEO Switzerland
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