United German & South African Security Operations

With internationally sourced expertise, we cover a diverse set of security needs
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Close Protection Operatives

PSD operations (vehicle and compound security). Land and sea

Go to Oil and Gas security

Oil and Gas security

Maritime/ Land Based (Compound Security or platforms).

Go to Corporate Close Protection

Corporate Close Protection

Executive Protection – Staying ahead using real time information

Go to Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Mobile and Static

Go to Surveillance Operations

Surveillance Operations

Tacit, diligent, discreet and well-versed

Go to Maritime Security

Maritime Security

(Special Requirements)

Go to Air Security

Air Security

Movement of Assets as well as Persons

Go to Specialist Security Operations

Specialist Security Operations

Tailor made to suit client’s needs. (Short Term or long term operations)

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Female Security

Specialists for Celebrities, Diplomats & VIPS

With agents from all over the world, we customise teams to suit our clients' requirements perfectly

First Human Capital recognises that personal security is a specialised, highly sensitive delivery area.

We are proud to deliver and provide a professional, reliable and specialised trained team.

With dedicated and focused teams located worldwide, First Human Capital can have a specialised team for your need at your location within 48 hours.

We provide customised risk assessments to address your concern and provide a protection plan to eliminate threats and minimise exposure.

Alongside our operatives who are highly trained in the areas of weapons, armed and unarmed combat, defensive driving and possess real world experience in hostile, corporate, urban, VIP protection environments; First Human Capital will meet your current and future situation.


First Human Capital’s Operational Management team is made up of members with over a century of combined international experience in countries all over Africa, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East. Expertise range from Team Lead, Combat Medic, Travel, Logistics to Armed and Unarmed Combat Protection, Surveillance and Communications. Our experience crosses multiple disciplines and industries: Mining Operations, High Profile Risk Assignments, Government (military/naval operations), NGOs, Corporate, Maritime, Events and Film.

Mission Secured, Mission Accomplished

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Dr. Dr. Celeste Fabrie
Owner / Managing Director
First Human Capital
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Beat Eberle
(MLaw/Attorney at Law/ret. General)
Senior Partner / CEO Switzerland
Außerfeld 12
CH-6362 Stansstad
NW Switzerland
Email : eberle@first-humancapital.ch
Website : www.first-humancapital.ch
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